Terms of Service

Service Agreement



    DIRECTORY:  Ocala Deals & Discounts Business Directory at OcalaDealsDiscounts.com

    SUBSCRIBER:  Business to be included in Directory

    Listing:  Content area within the business directory assigned to SUBSCRIBER

    Payment Date:  Date payment is charged on credit card


I am an authorized representative of __________________________________, henceforth referred to as SUBSCRIBER and, hereby, approve the content of the listing in DIRECTORY as presented to me on this date. I, furthermore, consent to publishing the listing in DIRECTORY with the following conditions and stipulations:


           This agreement will renew on ________________ at the renewal rate of $_________ per month and will automatically renew annually, at the same renewal rate, unless canceled in writing by an authorized representative at any time prior to the renewal date.


           SUBSCRIBER will have access to editing controls and be responsible for changes made to the Listing content. Full support will be provided by Ocala Deals & Discounts, as needed.


           DIRECTORY will make content changes for SUBSCRIBER  (  Weekly   Monthly  )  upon receiving instructions from SUBSCRIBER, in writing, via email messaging.

           Email: info@AffordableQualityWebsites


SUBSCRIBER may terminate the service at any time by notifying Ocala Deals & Discounts in writing at least 14 days prior to next Payment Date. Email address: ocaladealsdiscounts@gmail.com.  No refunds will be processed after payment has been charged to Listing account.


DIRECTORY may terminate services at any time for any reason or cause.


   By checking this box, I affirm that I am an authorized representative of SUBSCRIBER and agree to the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement as expressed above.


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